Excursions From Mombasa

The coastline of Mombasa is a world of enthralling history and natural beauty. The coast is lined with pristine palm fringed beaches, and the calm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. The beaches are broken by the wide mouth of Kilifi Creek, whose azure waters are a popular port of call on the international yachting circuit. The beaches of Nyali, Vipingo, Kikambala and Shanzu are home to a wide range of World Class resorts with fine cuisine and services. An lastly, Diani Beach; one of the best beaches of the world with a variety of exquisite accommodations. You stay at the beaches of mombasa gives you a good number of Excursions/Tours that you can experience while here as explained below;

Classical City Tour


Complete tour of the city which includes the Old Town with its narrow little streets, the Port, Fort Jesus (entrance included), as well as the Akamba Carvers and the Indian Bazaar, the fruit and spice market, main avenues of the city. Return to hotel for lunch.
This tour is also possible on Full Day with seafood lunch at the Tamarind Restaurant, and a visit to the crocodile farm and botanical garden and aquarium.


Visit the reserve that is famous for its concentration of the rare sable antelope, among other animals. Cross the Likoni ferry and head south towards the wooded Shimba hills upto Giriama Point. Enter the park and there begins your game drive. Lunch at the lodge then return to your hotel in the evening.


We can combine a visit to the nearby Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary together with lunch to the above Shimba Hills Reserve excursion.


Drive along the north Coast, across the Mtwapa and Kilifi creeks towards Malindi. En route, you will visit the famous Gedi ruins, and upon arrival, a small cruise in the glass-bottomed boat where you can observe the marine life, and do some snorkeling and goggling. Lunch at an exotic Malindi restaurant. In the afternoon, visit the Snake Park and the Bird Sanctuary, a small village where resides the giriama tribes, traditional dances and return to your hotel at the end of the day.
Dress light, preferably in cotton short, t-shirt. Carry wettable shoes, towel, swimwear and sunscreen.


Mamba Village is the Largest Crocodile Farm in East Africa, with over 10,000 Crocodiles! Mamba Village Mombasa is located 10 kilometers from Mombasa Island and en-route to all nearby major hotels along the Kenyan North Coast.
A tour of the farm starts with a movie on the life cycle and behavior of crocodiles, followed by a comprehensive tour of the rest of the farm, and ends with the highlight of the day: a spectacular scene of blood-thirsty crocodiles fighting for food during feeding time.
Excellent cuisine is available at the Mamba Restaurant, and the house specialty is superbly grilled crocodile meat. Souvenirs of your visit can be bought at the Mamba Souvenir shop located within the village.
Mamba Village Crocodile Farm in Mombasa has crocodiles from all categories/stages, from giant (Big Daddy – Man eater) crocodiles to baby crocodiles (just hatched) and the white crocodiles. The firm has a feeding time schedule every day at 5 pm and it is incredible to see this experience as the crocodiles jump up few meters from their pool to grab a chunk of meat.


Previously known as Haller Park, is a product of the Bamburi Lafarge Eco-System’s efforts, since 1971, to convert barren landscape of disused limestone quarries into a vibrant and diverse ecosystem of forest, grasslands and ponds.
Dr. René Haller, a Naturalist trained in Horticulture, Landscaping and Tropical Agronomy, has transformed much of the seven square kilometre Bamburi site from a barren and dusty lunar landscape to an ecological haven.
Currently, Haller Park plays host to a variety of wildlife including hippos, giraffes, buffalos, and antelopes as well as smaller mammals and birds. The Park was the first recipient to be honoured with the United Nations Environmental Program Global 500 Roll of Honour award for the unique, ecologically sound and successful rehabilitation undertaken.
The Park consists of a Game Sanctuary, Reptile Park, small demonstration Fish Farm area, Palm Garden, Crocodile pens and a giraffe viewing platform, offering a variety of attractions at the various points to educate and entertain the over 160,000 visitors who visit the park every year.
The diversity of vegetation is considerable, from mangrove palms and majestic indigenous shade trees to coastal forests where several of these plants are rare and endangered; a haven for botanists. Yet each plant plays an important role in the overall harmony of the ecosystem.
The park also provides a home to various animal species from the cheeky Vervet monkeys to the graceful giraffe; Weaver birds, Kingfisher, Storks, Herons, Egrets, Owls, Eagles, Kites, Cranes, Ibis, Sandpipers, the list is endless! Haller Park is also a must visit for all bird-lovers.

Aqua Tours


While on your beach holiday at the coastal hotels, it is always possible to visit a nearby marine park or reserve and explore the underwater world in a glass-bottom boat.
This tour lasts on average 2 hours and offers possibilities of viewing marine life as well as snorkeling, whereby your guide will point out a variety of colourful fish and corals of interest and will answer any questions on what is being seen underwater.
Departure is normally at 07h30 or later, depending on the tide levels.
On this tour, you are advised to dress lightly (in swimwear), carry a towel and sunscreen.


Depart in a traditional Arab dhow towards Shimoni and the Kisite Marine Park. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the underwater world. A copious sea food lunch will follow. In the afternoon, visit the small Muslim village of Wasini Island (600 habitants). Return to the hotel at the end of the day. Dress light, preferably in cotton short, t-shirt. Carry water-proof shoes, a towel, swimwear and sunscreen.


The largest dhow on the coast. You will embark on the traditional dhow, cruise around Mombasa Island passing through the old port. Lobster lunch on cruise and other sea-food with cool sentimental music played by a live band in the dhow. Return to the hotel at the end of the day, at about 15h00. Dress lightly.

This cruise is also possible for dinner, with a minimum of 12 participants.
Departure is at 17h00 and return to the hotel at about 23h00.
You will have a welcome cocktail called ‘Dawa’, which may be with or without alcohol.
Casual evening wear.

Arts & Culture Tours


A visit that takes you to the South Coast of Mombasa, and through the cashew and coconut plantations – a visit centered around the lives of the ‘Digo’ tribe and their village lifestyle. Visit a village school, watch a witchdoctor at work, local traditional dances etc. Afterwards, you can have a real African lunch at a selected restaurant.


The APDK (Association for the Physically Handicapped of Kenya) Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre in Mombasa works with more than 100 people with different abilities, men and women artisans to help them overcome their physical limitations and empower them economically and socially to become fully integrated members of their communities, also providing social benefits to the workers. This nonprofit organization produces crafts of a very high standard and gives vocational training to people with special abilities. They have 4 sheltered workshops, producing a range of jewelry, textile, wood and leather products. An on-staff designer creates new products, including the trademark Bombolulu recycled materials design pieces. Bombolulu includes artisan workshops and a Cultural Centre which comprises of different traditional homesteads of the diverse tribes of Kenya.
A visit to the workshops in Mombasa and the Bombolulu Boutique in Diani Beach Shopping Centre will also provide you with an opportunity to view and purchase the beautiful and unique products whilst supporting the disabled.