“There are NO WORDS!”

There are NO WORDS!

It was one of the most special and precious experiences of my life – memories of which I will treasure forever. The day of our climb was a cool, overcast day, which was probably just as well. The climb was very steep and difficult in parts, but the porters made a difference, carrying our heavy back packs for us and giving us a pull and a push when needed. Neena and I were so proud of John and Chris, it wasn’t easy for them, but they did it! And every ache, every pain, was worth it!

We saw the amazing Silverback in all his glory, sat still staring at us for ages, Neena is as good as any professional photographer and she got some amazing shots. The highlight was probably the month old baby being breastfed by its mother and then breaking off and staring at us for ages, little pink tongue going in and out! It brought tears to my eyes.

At one stage we were surrounded by all 12! The inter action was amazing. The one female, pulled at Chris’ trousers and she gave the American tourist a bit of a leg slap when he jumped as she went close to him. They were funny and beautiful and certainly the jewels in God’s kingdom! We loved every minute of the gorilla experience, glad we didn’t have to climb much further though. It rained quite steadily on the way down, so it was quite slippery in parts, but the porters were great.

Our driver Beki, was awesome! The Haven lodge was clean and well serviced, although poor Neena had no hot water!! The staff were amazing, could not do enough for us and the food was good. The night before at the Airport Guest Lodge, we wouldn’t overly recommend. The rooms were clean, but it was exceptionally hot with a very slow, ineffective fan and there was no ice, very little choice of drinks and dinner was either “a pork “ or “a fish”!!! (and they only had one of each!!) – was how it was offered to John and me. We only arrived there 8 at night though, so maybe that was too late for them. Neena and Chris went out for dinner.

But other than that, the Equator was so interesting and the Serena hotel really lovely and a treat for us all before we headed into Kampala.

Thank you for organizing everything for us, it certainly made our life easier. We are most grateful and won’t hesitate to recommend you to friends that are asking!

Sending my best,

Debbie Mellor

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